“Children learn as they play. Most importantly, in play children learn how to learn.“

O. Fred Donaldson, Ph.D.

The curriculum for all ages within Laurelwood Community Preschool follows emergent, inquiry-based project learning. We believe that children perform best and with a broader understanding when engaged in topics of interest.

At Laurelwood children will have the opportunity to engage in individual and group project work. The process for supporting an in-depth study in the classroom begins by identifying an interest of the child(ren) and then weaving learning domains (social, emotional, physical and cognitive) around that particular interest. It is important to note that the trajectory of a project is guided by the child(ren)’s ideas, theories, and plans – making projects a co-collaboration between the educators and child(ren).

For two-year-olds, we take observable cues from the children at play and suggestions from the parents who notice emerging interests at home. Parent observations and suggestions for possible projects are always welcomed and encouraged.

Additionally, our educational structure directly relates to what children will experience in the school system of North Carolina and Union County specifically. For example, our alignment with the NC Environmental Literacy Plan, our use of the NC Foundations for Early Learning as a tool in our own assessments, and our support of the Union County Classrooms of Tomorrow (COT) program which focuses on emergent, project-based learning.

Whether you plan to send your child to a public or private primary school, our Reggio-inspired Approach will cultivate the creativity and critical thinking skills needed for a solid start in school while instilling a love for learning.

More information about North Carolina and Union County learning initiatives can be found through the links below: