We Believe . . .

Children learn best through play, exploration and interactions with people and with the environment.
  • Our indoor/outdoor classrooms provide rich, complex and nurturing spaces for exploration.
When children are able to choose their own activities and materials, they gain knowledge of their world.
  • We support individual interests and needs with the activities and materials offered.
Children need uninterrupted blocks of time to freely explore.
  • Our flexible schedules enable focused engagement, new discoveries and meaningful social interactions.
Inquiry-based projects develop critical thinking skills.
  • We offer children opportunities to observe, question, test, hypothesize and discuss their work.
Open-ended questions encourage new ideas.
  • Our educators do not give direct “instruction” instead they enable the child to make and interpret new experiences.
Disequilibrium is a fundamental part of learning.
  • Our educators allow mistakes and “failure” to happen.
Children are interested in ideas and concepts worthy of consideraton.
  • Our educators serve as co-researchers responding to the children's interests.
Emotional intelligences are powerful learning influences.
  • Our educators create a culture of acceptance that supports individuality and cognitive development.
Children must experience meaningful relationships with peers, teachers and the environment.
  • We support this by small classes and low teacher to child ratios.
Mixed-age classes are beneficial to children.
  • We offer family groupings (mixed-age classes of 3s/4s and 4s/5s) that allow children to experiece being a mentee and mentor.